Secure NEM 2.0 Rates With NEM-A! It’s Not Too Late To Get Grandfathered In.

NEM-A Blog

Just over a month ago, the solar industry experienced a swift shift from NEM 2.0 rates to NEM 3.0 rates. Although many people were disappointed because they were unable to secure a lower rate before April 14th, there is still an opportunity for farmers, business owners, and institutions to secure more affordable rates for solar energy through the NEM-A! 

So, are you a business owner  in the Central Valley? This is your chance to secure lower rates with NEM-A before it’s too late! This second chance is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your business to secure NEM 2.0 rates before the end of the year if you missed out. 

With rising electricity rates projected in the coming years, investing in commercial solar with Sol-Tek can secure your financial future and lower energy bills in the long run, but what is the NEM-A and how do I take advantage of this new offer? Read below to find out more! 

What is NEM-A?

NEM-A, short for Net Energy Metering Aggregation, is a provision that allows businesses, farmers and institutions with two or more electrical meters to remain on the NEM 2.0 pricing structure. It offers an incredible opportunity for those who may have missed out on the savings offered by NEM 2.0 before NEM 3.0 rates went into effect on April 14th. NEM-A ensures business, farmers and institutions can still benefit from reduced electricity costs and energy independence.

Qualifications for NEM-A:

To qualify for NEM-A, businesses, farmer  and institutions must have two or more electrical meters, either on a single parcel or via contiguous parcels. These meters can then be aggregated and offset by one generation source, enabling participants to enjoy the same net metering credits as NEM 2.0.

Benefits of NEM-A:

Significant Savings: By leveraging NEM-A, businesses can save big on their electricity bills. Generating their own solar energy allows them to reduce costs, especially during peak demand periods when electricity rates tend to be higher, (think of those intense summer days in the Valley)! On average, the solar system will have paid for itself three times over during the nine-year enrollment period in NEM-A.

Enrolling in NEM-A allows businesses to continue receiving NEM 2.0 pricing for the next nine years, ensuring long-term savings and financial stability. Moreover, businesses can take advantage of other solar incentives, such as the federal investment tax credit, which helps offset the cost of installing solar panels.

By remaining on the NEM 2.0 pricing structure, participants can enjoy the same net metering credits and make significant long-term savings. Don’t miss out on this chance to take control of your electricity costs and pave the way towards a greener and more financially stable future. 

Contact Sol-Tek Solar today to explore how NEM-A can transform your energy landscape!