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Agricultural Solar Power Releases Your Dependence Upon Utility Companies

Agricultural solar applications for agribusiness are endless. Solar panels capture the sun’s abundant energy, affording relief for skyrocketing utility bills. Keep those irrigation pumps flowing, control irrigation efficiently, and manage cold storage refrigeration, all along with keeping control of your energy cost's bottom line. Once you go solar you are in control. No more annual rate hikes.

Going solar is affordable. The USDA REAP grant for agricultural solar systems provides as much as 25% off of your total cost of installation. With the 30% Federal tax credit, and considering 20% depreciation, you can save as much as 75% in your solar investment.

Additional agribusiness benefits include:

Major Reductions in Your Monthly Utility Bills—When you see the savings, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to install solar electricity.

You Will No Longer be the Victim of Sky-High Energy Costs—With solar energy, you can gain control over your farm’s monthly budget.

Reliable, Cost-Effective Solar Energy Increases Property Values—As a low-risk investment, solar energy rewards you with tax incentives and an available 5-yeear-depreciation schedule.

Get Paid for Energy You Return to the Grid—Energy from the sun is free energy, and when you aren’t using all of it, you have the opportunity to sell it back to the utility companies here in California (at least until December, 2016).

Best of all, an agricultural solar energy system for your farm can happen seamlessly, without the need of expensive modifications. Panels can be placed on livestock buildings, barns, greenhouses, and ranch homes, to maximize your savings.

Here at Sol-Tek Solar, we have decades of experience in the Fresno and Clovis region selling, installing, and maintaining solar electricity for our local farms, including Pitigliano Farms. We’re saving farms money and helping them thrive in the Central Valley, our nation's breadbasket.

Count on our team to provide your agribusiness with the perfect custom solar electric system to meet your needs.

Reach us at 559-325-6907, and take your farm’s first step to energy independence.

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