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Reduce your hot water heating bill by up to 80%
and save with the 30% federal tax credit.

You'll Get Back Your Investment!

 Make your own hot water & save Learn about solar hot water

Make your own hot water & save!



It's true! By harnessing the power of the sun's renewable energy you'll greatly reduce expensive water heating bills and ultimately recoup your investment within a few short years. So, not only does a Solahart solar hot water system pay for itself, it also delivers real savings for the duration. These results are guaranteed and depending where you live and how much hot water your family uses, you can make up to 80% of your own hot water with free and renewable solar energy. You won't find that kind of payback with any ordinary hot water heating systems!

Play your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve more energy. We think it'd be wonderful if everybody had a Solahart in their home! The world would surely be cleaner and better place.

Solahart solar hot water systems endure years of use
With over 50 years of experience, these thermosiphon water heaters are proven to work twice as long as regular conventional heaters. This means you'll be able to enjoy making your own free hot water for years after neighbors have replaced their hot water heaters!

All Solahart water heaters are sold with a protective factory warranty that covers all the major internal components, parts, and labor. It's easy to relax while enjoying your own supply of free hot water made by the sun. At Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. we’re behind our solutions all the way so you can have more security in your purchasing decision.

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SoCal Gas customers act now & enjoy 70-90% performance-based rebates* for solar hot water!

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You may save 70-90%!!!

  • You'll get back your investment - 70 to 90% performance-based rebates!
  • Solahart is a well-established brand, long trusted for solar hot water.
  • Gain peace of mind with superior construction and 10-year conditional warranty.
  • Make your own hot water FREE from the sun!
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Countdown To Save 70-90%* on Solar Hot Water

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*Must be installed by December 31, 2016 to claim rebates. Rebates are performance-based & throughout SoCal Gas service regions.

Gain immediate peace


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of mind with our superior solar hot water system construction as well as its 10 year conditional warranty. You'll get 10 years of warranty on the collectors and cylinders with 5 years of coverage on parts and labor. Every new Solahart system is built to last and this assurance means you'll be enjoying a free supply of piping hot water for years and years to come.



The technology behind solar hot water heaters makes use of simple science for operation - dark objects absorb more heat and heat always rises. It's a basic system where the only moving part is the water itself.


How Our Solar Hot Water Heater Operates


Discerning Surfaces

The recommended solution is completely dependent on regional climate and water use. We improve upon the concept of a basic black painted surface through selective processes. For example, as an alternative to simply black pain, we treat absorber surfaces to a 2-stage plating; which includes an initial coat of nickel and a finishing coat of black chrome. Solar technology leaders have proven that black chrome is superior in its capability to retain and absorb solar energy. This specially treated surface is often used in less sunny areas to make up for lower levels of sun power.

Direct Thermosiphon Foundation

Picture for a moment a solar absorber that contains water. When the sun shines on this collector, the heated water rises upwards in the tank. This creates a circular path where the heated water rises while the cool water descends generating kinetic energy known as the thermosiphon effect. The bigger the temperature differences the faster the flow of water.

When the hot sun is no longer shining, this effect stops. However, the hot water is retained for long periods in the tank due to its superior insulation and overall design.

Heat Exchange Based on the Thermosiphon Effect

Areas coping with freezing climates are not very suitable for conventional open circuit solar hot water heaters because water naturally expands upon freezing. This behavior risks burst pipes inside absorbers that may cause substantial damage and this is not often covered by many manufacturer warranties. In response to this challenging application of solar, Solahart patented their jacketed solar water heater that provides a unique heat exchanger solution.

This unique design removes the potential for freezing damage. By fitting a jacket around the circumference of the water storage tank, and connecting to the absorber, the same thermosiphon effect occurs, however, in this scenario, the heat is simply exchanged between the closed circuit and water within the tank.

Boosting a Solar Hot Water System

Climate most often dictates the amount of water that can be heated with the sun. However, even on the cloudiest or rainiest days, there is still some amount of solar energy captured by system absorbers. Some locations may have enough steady sunshine to amply provide virtually everything a user may need in terms of solar hot water heating.

For other users, in a less productive climate electric boosters are commonly used to increase efficiency. Solahart offers the Natural Wonder gas booster in these scenarios. No matter what type of booster is installed, most come with a thermostat to control the use of necessary purchased energy. In the case of the Solahart Natural Wonder gas booster, system ignition is completely automatic. In installations that include an electric or gas booster, a homeowner can easily manage boosting with a simple timer switch.

Fast Heated Water Recovery

When all the hot water in a Solahart solar hot water heater is used up, reheating takes a short time. Ultimately the estimated time for hot water recovery will depend on the sun's typical strength in a region and the types of boosting employed, if necessary. On average, it may take around an hour to produce enough hot water for a shower. Gas boosters make this process even faster. Hot water recovery is faster still during peak hours, between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

When hot water stores are used up during early morning hours, this provides the opportunity for quickly reheating at peak daytime hours. Depending on the efficiency of use, there may be little need for boosting measures. Ultimately, this approach helps to reduce costs and improve our environment.

Heat your water FREE with the Sun!

NEW Free Heat Series Improves On A Dependable Standard


Recently, Solahart has improved their reliable K Series to deliver enhanced performance, durability, and savings! Through carefully-researched technological innovations, the K Series provides exceptional performance with improved insulation to dramatically reduce heat loss. They have also increased the heat absorption properties of the system absorber plate, increasing the efficiency and strength of heat that is transferred to water. Solahart also replaced the standard anode with a more durable industrial version and offers the entire solution with a conditional ten year warranty.

The K-Series Free Heat is a technological breakthrough in solar hot water heating and offers superior performance and reliability over other competitive systems in the marketplace. What does all of this mean to you? Unsurpassed performance! Steadfast dependability! And plenty of piping hot water, heated free with the sun!

Solahart's improvements assure homeowners in areas with extreme winter conditions that the new K-Series will reliably provide hot water. In fact, depending on the region you live in and your household water consumption, the Free Heat line-up of solar hot water heaters may deliver between 50% and 90% of your hot water - all delivered free by the sun.

Click here to read more about the Solahart Free Heat Series.