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Sol-Tek Strives for the Greater Good of Our Clovis Locals

We Provide Affordable Solar Electric Systems

Here at Sol-Tek Industries, we care what our neighbors think of us. We’ve kept our reputation intact for over 10 years as the reliable solar division of Westech Systems, the largest Central Valley electrical construction providers.

Our extensive experience offering local commercial, agricultural, and residential solar energy solutions earned us the BBB’s A+ rating. We’re active members of the California State Solar Energy Industries Association, helping to foster continued legislation to make solar energy affordable. And, we’re active members of the Clovis Chamber of Commerce. After all, we strive to improve our local environment and better the lifestyle of all our city’s residents.

How do we help our Clovis, Fresno, and Central Valley locals? We provide solar energy that delivers unique benefits:

• We make electricity affordable—Here at Sol-Tek, we make it our business to keep up with the changes and nuances in California solar legislation. Our strategy is to reduce your utility bills by harnessing free energy from the sun.

• We help you escape from ballooning costs of electricity—With bills increasing by 5-6 percent each year, it’s time to ease your independence on the energy monopolies. Going solar with Sol-Tek is the solution, where you can reduce your electric bills to as low as $10 per month.

• We help you see a return on your investment—Here at Sol-Tek, we’ll help you see a payoff on your investment in as little as 4 years. You’ll also improve the value of your home by an average of $25,000. That’s because instead of renting a solar system with ridiculous interest rates over a period of many years, we’ll assist you with financing options to help you buy your own system, qualifying you for tax incentives and rebates.

• We help you improve your Central Valley lifestyle—Going solar with Sol-Tek gives you the opportunity to turn up the heat in the winter and keep your air conditioner blowing comfortably in the summer, without the fear of paying the local utilities an arm and a leg. Heat your swimming pools beyond the summer months, and make your own hot water, too!

• We help you reduce your residential and commercial carbon footprint—You can be on the forefront of contributing to a greener, environmentally clean lifestyle. Solar energy systems for commercial and agricultural businesses bolster your brand recognition and brand loyalty, making you stand out beside your competition. Your customers will commend you for being a caretaker of our community.

Here at Sol-Tek, our goal is to strive for the greater good of our Central Valley friends and neighbors. New solar energy jobs are created to boost our economy. Our custom-fit solutions help to create beautiful solar electric solutions while saving money and the environment. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Learn more about our dependable solutions: Give us a call at 559-325-6907 for a no-obligation consultation. We’re happy to perform a free evaluation and quote.

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