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How to Save Electricity Costs with a Solar Energy System

Solar energy is power that is generated from the sun’s rays. It is completely renewable, doesn’t run out, and it doesn’t pollute. These are all great advantages of solar energy, but the #1 reason why increasing numbers of homeowners turn to solar energy is financial. In fact, you could see a savings of up to 80% on your electricity bills while heating your water, your home, and your pool to your favorite temperatures. Run your air-conditioner throughout the summer months without getting hit with an enormous utility bill.

Financial advantages to owning your solar energy system include:

• Federal Investment Tax Credit on Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) cells and solar hot water heating—The current tax credit of 30%, part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, is based on the cost of the energy system and installation. It has no ceiling on the amount you invest.

• California Property Tax Exclusion—The California State Board of Equalization (BOE) approved guidelines for active solar energy systems that use SPV cells and provide solar water heat, thermal electricity, and space heat.

• The California Solar Initiative (CSI) offers cash back for installing your own solar electricity system—Earn cash rebates for every watt used. Sol-Tek can help you with the application process, if you qualify.

• Savings on your ever-increasing utility bills and the opportunity to sell back your unused solar energy to your municipal electricity company—The CSI requires that state utilities in California receive 33% of their electricity from renewable energy.

• An increase in your home value by some $25,000 (according to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)—In addition, expect your home to sell twice as fast as homes that are behind the times and not relying on solar electricity.

To receive these financial benefits, purchase your solar energy system—Don’t lease it. Many of these incentives may not be available with a leased a system. Furthermore, the price of interest payments, alone, may negate your savings in reduced electricity bills.

Visit our Financing Options Page and contact our team of experts for additional ways to fund your new solar system, including the HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) Financing Program and the Ygrene Energy Fund.

Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. is a registered contractor with the California Solar Initiative Program. We’ll make sure that your energy system is installed to specifications in order for you to qualify for the above incentives. With over 17 years of helping Fresno and Clovis residents save money on electricity bills, trust Sol-Tek Solar. Give us a call at (559) 325-6905 for a free quote.