Right Place,
Right Time

Living in the Central Valley is the perfect place to own solar! Don’t sweat the triple-digit days
during the hottest summer months — instead, live comfortably in your cool home, with lower energy bills and your sustainable solar solution.
Choosing Sol-Tek is as
easy as 1-2-3!
More Affordable!
Going solar is more affordable than ever, with financing options and a variety of government incentives and tax credits.
Home Equity
When you buy solar, you begin improving your home’s equity the moment it’s turned on.
Cool Savings
It’s true — purchasing solar will save you money. Most systems deliver a 4 to 7 year payback, and you’ll enjoy lower energy bills along the way!
Go Green
With solar, you’ll save more than just money: renewable solar energy systems will reduce your carbon footprint and protect our environment.
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