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Central Valley’s Leader in Solar Pool Heating

If you live in the Central Valley, solar pool heating is a must! When your pool goes solar, you won’t need to do the “big toe test” anymore —you can dive in to a pool that’s warmer by 8-12 degrees. You’ll also be able to extend the length of your swim season, too!

How does pool solar work?

Why Choose Sol-Tek Solar for Your Pool?

We are the top pool solar provider in the Central Valley! With headquarters in Clovis, we have provided thousands of Central Valley residents a pool solar system. If you love your pool and want to extend your swim season in the Central Valley, then pool solar is a great investment. With our pool solar heating system you can make your pool 8-12 degrees warmer, allowing for a longer swim season for you and your family.

Our controllers feature an automatic valve and two sensors for precise temperature regulation. Set your desired temperature, and let our controllers optimize energy usage to keep your pool at the perfect temperature for the longest pool season possible.

How Does Pool Solar Work? 

Our innovative system consists of solar collectors and an automatic solar controller, paired with either a standard pool pump or a more energy-efficient variable speed pump. The solar collectors, consisting of a series of tubes, capture the sun’s energy, heating the water within them when sunlight is abundant. This heated water is then circulated through your pool’s filter and back into the pool, ensuring optimal warmth and comfort.

Pool Solar Benefits 

Discover the advantages of our cutting-edge solar pool heating systems in the heart of the Central Valley. Not only do they embody eco-friendliness, but they also deliver substantial cost savings by drastically minimizing the energy required to warm your pool. Pool solar can extend your swimming season by warming your pool an additional 8 to 12 degrees, making sure you can enjoy your pool in the cooler months. Elevate your property’s value with this sustainable investment today!

We have more than 25 years of experience in building solar panels for pools, with products from industry leaders. Sol-Tek Solar is chosen by most local pool builders for their solar pool heating needs, so talk to us today about setting up a custom system your family will enjoy!

Sol-Tek Solar uses Fafco as one of our pool solar system products. Learn more about Fafco products by clicking here. 

“I had Sol-Tek do a solar pool heater end of season last year. Just fired it up last week, this system is amazing! Took only one 85 degree day to get the pool from 67 to 77 degrees and 1 week to a steady 80 with 85 degree days. Normally we wouldn’t be swimming until July due to my pool not getting full sun all day. If you are on the fence about a pool heater, do it!”

— Brian B. (google review)

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