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Going solar is good for the environment and even better for your company’s bottom line.

  • Take advantage of Net Energy Metering (NEM) — get paid for the extra power your business doesn’t need, and if you do need power from your utility company, you’ll be charged at a much lower rate
  • Enjoy a solar solution that’s reliable, low-maintenance and protected by our extended warranties
  • Stand out from the competition with your environmentally-conscious building


Keep your irrigation pumps flowing, control irrigation efficiently and manage cold storage refrigeration with our solar options!

  • Save as much as 75% in your ag solar investment with grants, tax credits and depreciation
  • Gain control over your farm’s monthly budget
  • Panels can be placed on livestock buildings, barns, greenhouses & ranch homes


  • Our non-profit rate is 15% less than our commercial rate.
  • Save your non-profit up to 40% on its energy payments!
  • Contact us today to find out more about our non-profit financing options.