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Sol-Tek Solar Contractors’ Experience Provides Cutting Edge Solar Technology

Flyer shows the solar electric trifecta of options provided by Sol-Tek Industries, Inc.

We’re so far ahead of the curve here at Sol-Tek that we’re the first to offer CoolPV® Hybrid Solar Panels in the Central Valley.

This innovative technology collects the sun’s energy to produce solar electricity AND heat water! Finally, there’s enough room on your rooftop for both types of solar panels. To take advantage of CoolPV® hybrid panels, the biggest solar technology in decades, you’ve got to go with a solar energy provider that has decades of experience.

When solar technology continues to make progress, why bother with solar contractors that cannot keep up with the most current technology? Why turn to solar contractors that only offer one solar solution?

Sol-Tek is on the solar industry cutting edge by providing the trifecta of energy solutions: solar electricity, solar pool heating, and solar hot water.

To ensure the highest level of customer service, we only install solar systems from the most reputable manufacturers:

  • We choose solar panels for their stylish aesthetics as well as their superior performance.

    First, we select the perfect solar electrical system for your specific needs from manufacturers with a proven track record of dependability. Then, our design team selects panels to create the best curb appeal. Increase your home’s property value while you save money on your electricity bills, and sell surplus electricity back to the grid.

  • We are the premiere dealer of Solahart Solar Hot Water Heating Systems in the Central Valley.

    Solahart, a company that began manufacturing solar thermal systems in 1953, has a stunning track record of performance here in the greater Fresno area since 1976. Results show that our customers save as much as 80% in water heating costs.

  • We are the exclusive dealer of UltraSun solar pool heaters in our Clovis and Fresno communities.

    UltraSun is the trusted solar pool heater manufacturer with more than 35 years of experience. Their technology received three U.S. and International patents for innovation, and each system is custom-designed to fit your needs. UltraSun delivers 8-12 degrees of warmer water, DOUBLES your swim season, and adds 100% of its cost to your home’s resale value.

We have what it takes. Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. is a division of Westech Systems, the Central Valley’s biggest commercial electrical construction company, in business since 1997. We provide the best solar solution for your electricity, hot water, and pool heating systems. Only Sol-Tek offers this solar solution trifecta, and we stand by our work long after installation.

Financial consultation, extended warranties, accreditation by the Better Business Bureau and California Solar Energy Industries Association form the story of why Central Valley locals trust us as their only solar contractor. To discover the Sol-Tek difference for yourself, including the CoolPV® solar panels that are truly ahead of the curve, call us for a free solar evaluation at 559-325-6907.



Flyer shows the solar electric trifecta of options provided by Sol-Tek Industries, Inc.