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Fall Into Savings with Sol-Tek at the Fresno Home Improvement Show

Shows interior of decorated home with information about the Fresno Fall Home Improvement Show

We’re excited to share that Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. will be exhibiting at the upcoming Fresno Fall Home Show. Come out for a diverse selection of sights and sounds to inspire your next home project and learn how easy it can be to go solar with us.

At this year’s fall show, we’ll be highlighting our trifecta of solar solutions:

• Solar Home
Increase your home’s value while reducing electric bills. Stay comfortably cool in the summer and warm throughout winter while avoiding ever-increasing electric bills.

• Solar Pool Heating
Extend your swimming season. Did you know that you could still be swimming this October with a Sol-Tek Industries solar pool heating system?! Our experts can show you how enhancing your home with solar pool heating adds the value of its cost to your home’s equity – more than that of a kitchen/bath remodel, new roof, or new deck.

• Solar Hot Water
Make your own hot water, free, from the sun’s energy. Lower your hot water heating bill and increase your home’s value, long-term.

We’ll also be showcasing our innovative CoolPV® technology at the Fresno Fall Home Show. Don’t miss out on this chance to preview a groundbreaking technology that takes up less roof space while producing more energy. Power your home and heat your pool at the same time with CoolPV collection panels. We’re the first to offer this innovative technology in Fresno – Ask us about it today!

Sol-Tek is locally owned and operated and the proud solar division of Westech Systems, Inc. Our team has operated within the Central Valley for ten years. If you’re interested in learning more about how much you can save by going solar, contact us to see how easy it is to increase your home’s value while reducing electric bills long-term. Harvest the sun and become energy independent this fall!