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Fresno’s Go-To Solar Company

In today’s day and age the solar market is bigger than ever before. Across California’s Central Valley, homeowners and businesses are going green with solar to help save the environment and prevent climate change. With such a huge competition within the solar energy suppliers in Fresno, and the solar energy equipment market overall, WHY should you use Sol-Tek? What makes our company outshine the rest? 

We Offer All Things Solar Under One Roof.

Here at Sol-Tek we do it all, and we do it well. Sol-Tek Solar is more than your standard solar company because not only do we offer a variety of in-house services that are fit for everyone’s solar needs, but we also offer them at a more affordable price than our competitors. 

Whether you’re looking for lower utility bills, a heated swimming pool all year long or hot water made with free, renewable energy, Sol-Tek Solar can help you find a custom solution to fit your needs. 

We offer a number of amazing services to all of our customers some of which include:  
  • Home SolarIt’s never been easier to save big on electric bills. 
  • Pool Solar – Extend your family’s swim season and increase your pool’s temperature by 8-12 degrees! 
  • Solar Water Heating – Save up to 80% on your water heating bills. 
  • Energy Storage Battery – An energy efficient storage product that can increase your solar return on investment (ROI). 
  • Emergency Power – Our team is here to help you find the right backup generator for you. 
  • Service Center – Full suite of residential services, plus 24-hour, on-call electrical service with our licensed contractor team.

When it comes to Sol-Tek you’re getting MORE than what you pay for. Whatever your solar needs are, we’re here to help make the switch to clean energy an easy process for both you and your family. 

Local Establishment. 

Sol-Tek was established long before the rest of the local competition here in Fresno County, and we have a track record of supporting our customers long after installation to maintain their solar products for years to come. With decades of experience in residential, commercial and agricultural solar installations, the Sol-Tek team can help you customize your solutions. As a company founded in the Central Valley, our residents and customers mean the world to us because they are the foundations of our success. Having a voice in Fresno has given us the opportunity to partner with some amazing organizations that have helped establish ourselves and other brand entities throughout the valley. One organization that we were grateful to work with, and also support, is the Valley Animal Center. The Valley Animal Center decided to go solar to expand their solar footprint and offset energy costs. After completing a solar installation at Valley Animal Center, we had formed a trusting relationship with the organization, which led to us supporting their latest campaign, Pennies For Pets. The work they do is important to our community and we are proud to help spread awareness. We are looking forward to a lasting partnership with the Valley Animal Center and will continue our commitment to support the work they do in the community.

Committed To Helping You. 

Our team is committed to helping homeowners own their solar power systems and use them with ease. We work to make this process easy and affordable for you and your family meaning there are no tricks and no incentives to get you started with Sol-Tek Solar. As a team we believe in providing our customers with the best deal for their solar investment, and having it work for you the moment it’s installed and for many years into the future.

Our team will gladly walk you through the decision-making process and be there every step of the way during your installment. Here at Sol-Tek, we give potential buyers a free solar assessment that includes a detailed discussion about the benefits of going solar, explanations of various government incentives for saving energy, information about tax credits and a variety of competitive financing options. Our free assessment also helps potential buyers find out if zero down financing, with interest as low as 1.99%, is right for them. We make sure to educate all those interested in purchasing with Sol-Tek on these various topics so they can choose if going solar is right for them in this moment and time. 

All-in-all, Sol-Tek ensures that your solar installation and learning experiences are about helping you own your solar choices every step of the way.

Sol-Tek Solar. A Brighter Way To Solar. 

The Sol-Tek team guarantees that you’ll get the best products because we want our customers to feel secure in their home owning choices. 

As an authorized dealer for the leading thermal and solar electric manufacturers, we are confident in our abilities to help provide you and your family with the best equipment and advice when getting started with clean and renewable energy options. How can we help you save? Financing solar is a big commitment, but our in-house sales team is there every step of the way to help you get the best bargain for your solar investment. Call us today at (559) 325-6907 and start with a free solar assessment before making any official purchases.