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Why the NEM 3.0 Means You Need Solar Now


NEM 3.0 is set to go live April 13, 2023.

Not ready to go solar? Waiting could cost you. California Utility Providers are trying to drastically reduce the financial benefits of rooftop solar. When solar-powered homes generate more electricity than they need, the utility pays for it in an agreement called net energy metering. Southern California Edison, an Edison International Company and other publicly owned utilities want to change the rules through a proposal called NEM 3.0. However, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recently announced they would be “reopening the record,” on its net energy metering “NEM 3.0” proceeding to gather more information on specific elements of the decision. 

Ultimately, they want to reduce the amount they pay for solar power by as much as 80% and charge a usage fee totaling hundreds of dollars per year. This would make it impossible for families to take advantage of cheap, clean energy from rooftop solar. The solar industry and consumer groups are working hard to get the California Public Utilities Commission to reject the changes that have been proposed and come up with a fair plan that makes sense. 

In a press release shared by CALSSA, the decision to reopen a discussion on the NEM 3.0 came after it had been shelved as a very “unpopular proposed decision,” receiving “intense backlash and public disapproval from Governor Newsom.” 

CALSSA says in their press release that the initial proposed decision created by the CPUC would create the following issues: 

  • A steep tax on rooftop solar 
  • An immediate “gutting” of the credits solar consumers receive 
  • Unaffordable solar plans for most consumers, especially those in working and middle-class neighborhoods
  • And hurting the overall commercial, government and agricultural solar markets

NOW is the time to get solar and get grandfathered into NEM 2.0 rates before it is too late! Do not wait, connect with us today and make sure you are saving the most money on your energy bills possible. Call us at (559) 325-6907.