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3G Shutdown

Solaredge recently sent out an email regarding a change in the communication system for your inverter.  In order to better…

Valley's Favorite
The Central Valley’s Favorite Solar Company

Any homeowner who plans to improve their home wants to make sure that they’re working with the best business to…

Solar Costs
How to Save With Solar

The heat in Fresno is rising, and so are electrical bills. Did you know? Fresno has been deemed California’s third-largest…

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Why Go Solar in Fresno? Top Advantages

There are two main reasons why people choose solar-panels for their home or business. The first reason is because they…

Fresno’s Go-To Solar Company

In today’s day and age the solar market is bigger than ever before. Across California’s Central Valley, homeowners and businesses…

How to lower energy bills with solar panels?

How to lower energy bills with solar panels is one of the many questions people ask who are considering solar…

Now is the perfect time to get solar with Sol-Tek Solar

Energy costs are going up, but solar is become more affordable than ever, which makes now the perfect time to…

Does it feel like the Holidays?
With Sol-Tek solar, we're saving clients so much money, every day feels like the holidays! Watch the video now
Sol-Tek Solar’s Helder Domingos in The Business Journal!

Our very own Helder Domingos was recently featured in an Executive Profile for The Business Journal. If you have not…

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Sol-Tek Solar on Central Valley Real Estate & Home Improvement

Watch our very own Paul Ahern discuss solar on Central Valley Real Estate & Home Improvement!