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Current Promotions

Win a $500 Gift Card to a certain mouse’s theme park!

Now through April 30th, when you purchase a system, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a $500 gift card to a famous theme park in CA! Imagine enjoying the magic while your solar system works hard to lower your energy bills. It’s a win-win!

Available until April 30th  - Reach out to learn more


Pay Your Electric Bill with the purchase of a PV Solar System

Happening NOW! All PV Systems sold will qualify to receive up to $3,000 while they wait for their system to be installed. A deposit must be made by April 30th to qualify for this promo! 

Available until September 31st - Reach out to learn more

Annual Pool Solar Service incl.  w/ all Pool Solar purchased & $500 off your purchase of pool solar

Want one year of our Annual Pool Solar Service for free? With the purchase of a solar pool heating system, now you can! Contact our team to learn more about pool solar heating and receiving this service for free for your first year.

Limited Time Offer - Reach out to learn more

(2) Free panel cleanings incl. with all PV or PV Systems purchased

Happening NOW! Receive two free panel cleanings with the purchase of a PV system from Sol-Tek Solar!

Limited Time Offer - Reach out to learn more