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All About Sol-Tek Industries, Inc.


Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. is the solar division of the Central Valley's largest commercial electrical construction company, Westech Systems. Sol-Tek has decades of experience in residential,  commercial, and agricultural solar installations. We are also authorized dealers for SunEdison. Additionally, we are authorized dealers for Aquatherm, Solahart Industries, and Fafco solar water thermal systems. In fact, after acquiring the local Solahart dealership, Sol-Tek has proudly serviced and maintained over four decades of Solahart, Aquatherm, and Fafco solar hot water and pool solar customers along with our own.

One of the things that really sets us apart in the Clovis, Fresno, and surrounding regions is our expertise and ability to truly customize a solar solution to fit a family's needs. We take into account whatever you might need in the future to ensure your residential solar system keeps you comfortable long-term. And have the track record to prove that we'll be around long after installation to provide service and maintenance for decades to come! If you want to go solar, but are unsure of your options, know that our experts will gladly walk you through every step to weighing the choices while educating you on available government incentives, valuable tax credits, and financing methods.

Let us help you to save electricity. We'll help you to substantially reduce, or even eliminate, rising utility bills. We provide solutions that also heat your swimming pool and enable you to make your own hot water. You see at Sol-Tek we utilize all solar technologies available specializing in solar photovoltaic, solar pool and hot water heating systems. All this is done with free energy from our largest and brightest star - some 93 million miles away - the Sun!

Sol-Tek Industries is more than just another solar company. We're working hard every day to make the world a better place - one home at a time. Contact us today to see what your perfect solar home solution might look like. We'd be happy to help with any questions you may have!

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Our Selected Solar Manufacturers Are Carefully Vetted to Ensure The Best for Sol-Tek Customers!

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At Sol-Tek Industries, Inc., we believe always having the leading solar electric panels available is a critical part of our competitive advantage. We not only select the best manufacturers in solar, we take the time to fully vett each provider to ensure our that only the best quality hardware makes the grade! When you need a residential, commercial, or agricultural solar provider with decades of experience,  Sol-Tek is the solar contractor you can trust in the Central Valley! In fact, even many local competitors have come to know, like, and trust our business as a dependable provider of solar equipment and hardware when they need a solution fast!  We proudly install American, German, and some Asian panels with a major emphasis on aesthetics - for the most attractive end result we choose black-on-black panels, black anodized railing, and even black flashings.

We Are Proud to Be the Central Valley's Solahart Solar Hot Water Heating Systems Dealer

Solahart solar hot water heating system

Solahart is the world's most renowned solar thermal manufacturer from the land 'Down Under, known by most as Australia, since 1953. They have maintained a leading role here in Fresno and the Central Valley since 1976. Solahart's success comes from their all-natural passive thermosiphon design utilizing no moving parts to operate it and saving customers up to 80% on hot water heating costs. At Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. we also install Sun-Earth and Heliodyne solar hot water systems.

Sol-Tek is the Central Valley's Leader in Solar Pool Heating

We are proud to maintain our role as the Clovis and Fresno area's leading provider of  swimming pool heating with solar energy. Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. installs UltraSun pool heating systems as an exclusive dealer.  UltraSun was developed over four decades of experience by Aquatherm.

For tile roof installations we proudly install Fafco's split tube designed specifically for tile roofs - Fafco also has over four decades heating pools.