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Why Sol-Tek?

Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. is a division of Westech Systems, a large commercial electrical contractor in the Central Valley for the last
17 years.  Sol-Tek Industries specializes in all types of residential and commercial solar installations.  

We do more than just Solar Electricty

Whether you want to reduce your utility bills, heat your swimming pool, utilize the sun to heat 80% of your hot water consumption for your home or simply explore the options on how to make your home more energy efficient - Sol-Tek Industries is the one company that can do it all for you.

How We Are Different

At Sol-Tek we are not just another solar company, we do installation, sales and service of solar water heating, solar electric generation and solar pool heating systems.  We take pride in our work and our customer relationships.   We don’t install cookie cutter systems; we design each system specifically to meet the needs of our customers.   We are an authorized dealer for a variety of the industry’s top manufacturers including Solahart, Heliodyne, Aquatherm, FAFCO, SunEarth and SolPal for solar thermal products and SolarWorld, Winaico, Trina, Canadian Solar, Upsolar for SolarElectric products.

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