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The Biggest Solar News in Decades: CoolPV® Hybrid Panels for Both Solar Electricity and Water Heating

Going solar has always meant finding and reserving enough roof space to accommodate the panels. Add to that the difficult decision to choose which type of panels to install on your roof: solar electric panels to generate electricity or thermal panels to heat water. There never seems to be enough space to install both. That’s where our cool solar solution comes in to save the day!

Now, just one hybrid solar panel does the job of both electric and thermal panels without any additional roof space needed! FAFCO® and SolarWorld® worked together to launch CoolPV® technology—The biggest solar news in decades. Sol-Tek Industries is the first company in the greater Fresno area to offer these industry-leading hybrid solar panels. We’re calling this innovative new solution ‘Cool Solar’ because it provides amazing benefits to our local customers!

Sol-Tek introduces the biggest soslar news in decades with the launch of CoolPV hybrid panels for solar home and solar pool heating!

Cool Solar goes beyond taking up less rooftop space. This new technology saves you money! By combining solar electric and water heating into one collection panel, CoolPV® provides as much as four times the total amount of energy from the same rooftop space reserved for a standard solar electric system. You’ll save on both your electric bill and pool heating expenses!

The sleek black design of these panels adds to curb appeal. Cool Solar raises the resale value of your home significantly, adding beautiful aesthetics to the amazing capability of transforming your rooftop into a solar electricity and pool heating solution for your home.

Take advantage of our wide choice of financing options to discover that going solar is your affordable alternative to the never-ending merry-go-round of inflated utility bills.

How do they work? The CoolPV® hybrid solar panels are installed on your roof and collect the sun’s energy. First, the sun hits the solar electric panel and causes it to generate electricity. If your system provides more electricity than your home uses, the system sends electricity back to the electric grid for potential credits from the utility company.

While this is happening, the temperature of the solar electric panel increases dramatically, because only part of the sun’s energy is used to generate electricity. If you’ve ever turned on a garden hose that sat out in the sun, you know just how hot it can get from the sun’s energy.

These innovative panels don’t lose this heat. Instead, water flows through the thermal collector, absorbing the heat from the solar electric panel, cooling it down, and increasing the electric power output. The warm water in the solar thermal collector can then be used to heat your swimming pool. To find out more about this perfected system of solar energy collection, contact us at 559-325-6907 for a free quote.

Get the best of both worlds from a single solar PV panel!