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How to Save Electricity in Fresno’s Hot Summer Months

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We all know that it gets crazy hot in the Central Valley during the summer—100 degrees plus is the norm. Air conditioners are running constantly, placing a heavy load on the grid. And PG&E makes you pay for it. What’s the alternative to the summer sting of high utility bills? Go solar and eliminate your…

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How Will You Spend the Money Saved When You Go Solar?

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The big, #1 reason why homeowners go solar is for the savings. The average solar energy system drops your electricity bills to as low as $0 to $10 per month. But this is only when you own your system—Why bother leasing a solar system only to pay 20 years worth of interest? You’ll receive up…

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BIG Rebates Now Available for Solar Hot Water Heating

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Here in California, owners of single-family homes can take advantage of solar hot water heating cash rebates that can total $4,000-10,000 through the California Solar Initiative Thermal Program. And eligible low-income gas customers might even qualify for larger rebates. Rebates vary depending upon your location and the type of solar water heating system installed. Homeowners…

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Exciting Upcoming Fresno Solar Events!

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Summer is here and it’s time to discover how to save money in the summer heat with your own home solar energy system. When you produce solar energy, you save on home air conditioning and pool heating bills. And the benefits extend beyond summer, because you’ll double your swimming season with a warm pool to…

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Keep Solar Advantages Intact – Join the Fight to Save Rooftop Solar

There are many solar advantages, including lowering your carbon footprint by replacing utility power with solar electricity and reducing U.S. dependence on foreign energy. But the undisputed #1 reason why homeowners go solar is to save money. In California, when you qualify for renewable energy incentives, your local utility company may pay you for the…

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How to Save Electricity Costs with a Solar Energy System

Solar energy is power that is generated from the sun’s rays. It is completely renewable, doesn’t run out, and it doesn’t pollute. These are all great advantages of solar energy, but the #1 reason why increasing numbers of homeowners turn to solar energy is financial. In fact, you could see a savings of up to…

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