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Go Solar and Save Electricity at Home, Work, & Ag

Everyone can benefit from the huge financial savings of solar electricity!

Homeowners get the freedom of setting their thermostats and swimming pool temperatures to their favorite settings without the worry of sky-high utility bills. Commercial businesses edge out their competition by going green, while at the same time, they save money on the low maintenance and high reliability of solar electric systems. In particular, agribusinesses see as much as 75% savings on their solar investment. Whether you own a private residence or a commercial property, take advantage of federal tax incentives, grants, and rebates to make your customized Sol-Tek solar electric system affordable. Sell your unused electricity back to the grid for added savings as you increase your property’s value.

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Top Reasons to Go Solar

Government incentives, like solar tax credits and energy company rebates will always come and go. What is it about solar energy that compels homeowners to switch to this clean, renewable energy? Their reasons might surprise you.

Solar technology is more affordable than ever!Top5Reasons

Although solar electric has been around since 1950, individual homeowners and business owners could not legally use this technology until only 15 years ago. Today, solar is very affordable and home solar enables the owner to regain control of a household's energy budget while improving financial independence long-term.

Because they want to save electricity.

Electric bills continually increase by 5-6% each year and this growing cost is a real pain to homeowners throughout the Central Valley. In fact, in 2002 Governor Davis permitted electric rates to double overnight. This common pain is shared by thousands living in Clovis, Fresno, and surrounding areas. Ask yourself, "What else could I do with this money each month?" It only makes good sense to free yourself from this expensive energy monopoly and go solar.

Why buying solar is always better than renting.

What was the best part of buying your first house? You walked through its front door and felt so good. This was yours...you were done paying endless rent month after month. Gone were the years of flushing your hard earned, after-tax dollars down the toilet! When you decide to buy your own home solar power system, you become more self-sufficient and with just a 4.5 to 7 year payback, it's easier than ever to take advantage of this cost-effective and renewable solution.

Greatly improve your lifestyle.

It's a fact that you enjoy more creature comforts when you go solar. Don't be uncomfortable on the hottest days of summer. Instead, set your house thermostat to the desired temperature and enjoy cool relief. It's important to take stock of any subtle lifestyle changes that emerge when coping with a rising electric bill. If you choose to go solar, it's easy to make your solar system a bit larger ahead of time to compensate for a future full of cool and restful summer nights.

Greener Living.

Although many people appreciate solar energy as a continued source of clean and renewable energy, this is not the driving force behind the decision to switch to solar for most homeowners today. However, it's absolutely true that installing a solar power system will greatly reduce your household's carbon footprint. By simply taking advantage of solar energy to power your home, make your own hot water, or even heat your pool, you become a significant contributor to a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Central Valley Residents Have Trusted Our Solar Electric Systems for Decades

When it comes to solar power, the Central Valley trusts and relies on Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. We are known as the local favorite because our experts take the time to fully educate every customer on best practices, available government incentives, tax breaks, and more. We'll help you to understand the custom system options that meet your family's needs while also providing excellent advice on the many advantages of purchasing your own solar power solution versus tempting, but misleading, 2.9% financing offers. We want you to get the highest benefits possible and this is why we air on the side of caution when evaluating popular PPA and lease agreements that sound great at first, but offer a weak payback and often unsettling long-term commitment. Before you sign any lease you need to talk with us. We are far more than just another solar company.

Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. is a division of the renowned Westech Systems, a Central Valley leader in electrical contracting for nearly 20 years. We think beyond the close of any sale to ensure that you'll be well taken care of for many years to come! At Sol-Tek, we specialize in providing custom solar solutions for:

  • Solar power for homes
  • Solar pool heating
  • Solar hot water heating
  • Commercial solar electric
  • Commercial solar pool heating
  • Agricultural solar electric

At Sol-Tek, we only partner with leading manufacturers, so we're able to deliver custom created solar systems that are designed to meet our customers' specific needs with total confidence. We have a seasoned team of experienced solar professionals and know how to help you navigate potential financing pitfalls while also maximizing the cost-saving benefits of solar power. So, what's keeping you from making the switch to owning your own solar power plant? Contact us today to learn more about how solar energy can help you to reduce electric bills, increase home equity, and contribute to a greener, more comfortable lifestyle!

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