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How to Save Electricity in Fresno’s Hot Summer Months

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We all know that it gets crazy hot in the Central Valley during the summer—100 degrees plus is the norm. Air conditioners are running constantly, placing a heavy load on the grid. And PG&E makes you pay for it. What’s the alternative to the summer sting of high utility bills? Go solar and eliminate your dependency on PG&E!

Introducing…drumroll please…Our Top 10 Tips for Saving Electricity In the Fresno Summer Heat:

10. Unplug and Turn Off—Save an average of 2% on your utility bills by turning off lights, appliances, and other equipment when you don’t need them. Unplug or turn off power strips to computers when they aren’t in use. Unplug that spare fridge if it’s empty. Giving your appliances a summer break can save up 15% on your electricity bill.

9. Open and Shut Windows and Blinds—Open your windows at night, once the temperature drops, then shut windows and blinds at daybreak to capture the cool air. Letting fresh air in at night can cool your house temp down by as much as 15 degrees.

8. Monitor Your Thermostat—Set it as high as possible during the summer months, or shut it off altogether. Avoid setting your thermostat at a cooler setting than normal when you start up your air conditioner—This could result in extra utility bill costs.

7. Change Your Cooking Habits in the Summer Heat—Turn to microwave cuisine instead of stovetop and oven meals—You’ll use two-thirds less energy by doing so. Besides, no one wants to slave over a hot stove in the summertime. Or take your meals outside and grill the old-fashioned-way, over the hot coals of a barbecue.

6. Take a Break from Washing Dishes—Here’s a cool fact: your dishwasher is more efficient at washing dishes than you are by washing them by hand. You’ll save on water usage and water heating bills. Of course, only run your dishwasher only when it is completely full.

5. Let the Sun Dry Your Clothes—You probably know that waiting until you have a full load of laundry to wash saves on water usage, because you have fewer loads to run. But did you know that always using cold water in the rinse cycle could save some 4% off your utility bill? Your clothes will last longer when washed in cold water, too. Give your dryer a break and hang clothes on the line to dry. If you must use your dryer, clean the lint trap before each load.

4. Get a Home Energy Audit—Pressure-check your home, paying particular attention to the duct system. Add more attic insulation: Did you know that over time, attic insulation settles and needs more added? Here’s a tip: Use a standard 12” ruler into your attic, and place it down vertically until it touches the sheetrock ceiling. If you have less than 12” of insulation, it’s time to add more.

3. Fix, Replace, and Seal—Summer is the perfect time to schedule regular maintenance on appliances to ensure that they are in top order. Vacuum air conditioning vents regularly to remove dust that can block air flow. Replace air conditioner filters monthly during the summer to allow for maximum airflow. Keep hot air from seeping into your home –Plug your home’s leaks by weather stripping and calking doors and windows. Seal your ducts to save up to 25 percent of cooling costs!

2. Make Energy-Smart Investments—Install window films to existing glass windows and doors to block out ultraviolet light radiation and lower energy costs. Replace old power guzzlers with new, Energy Star® appliances. Install a new, Energy Star® air-conditioning unit. Install a new, Energy Star® refrigerator with a top or bottom freezer design, in place of a side-by-side to provide you as much as 3% savings on your electricity bill. Install new Energy Star® ventilating fans above stoves and in bathrooms, and increase cooling efficiency with ceiling fans.

1. Go Solar—Producing your own electricity from the sun is the #1 way to reduce or eliminate energy bills. Investing in a custom solar electricity system for your home and pool from Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. means that you can bypass the grid. According to the National Solar Program, going solar can reduce your electric water heating bill by up to 80%! A solar electric system can reduce your PG&E bill by up to 100%! Solar protects you against systematic inflation increases in bills and steadily rising energy costs. And here’s the added benefit: Solar adds about $25,000 to the average value of a California home.

Discover more financial benefits to going solar and How to Save Electricity Costs. Then contact our solar tech experts for a free quote. Give us a call at (559) 325-6907 and we’ll also assist you with financing options. Going solar is the sure-fire way to get out from under skyrocketing summer utility bills.