Sol-Tek Offers Unheard-Of Energy Savings—We’ll Pay Your Electric Bills*!

Did you know that as soon as you turn on your home’s new solar energy system, you start saving money? Experience a drop in your hot water bill by as much as 80%. Discover freedom from PG&E bills—By getting off the grid, your new solar electric system can reduce your bill by 100%. Saving electricity in Fresno’s hot summer months extends to a lifetime of energy savings.

Here at Sol-Tek, we take these savings a step beyond. We’ll even pay for your summer energy bill*!
(*Up to a $1000.00 value) What other Central Valley solar energy company is willing to pay for your over-inflated electric bills?

This special offer at the Fresno Summer Home and Decorating Show was such a big hit that we decided to extend it. When you sign a solar electric contract with us, we’ll pay your electric bills* while your new solar energy system is installed! This offer is only available directly through Sol-Tek.

Not sure if going solar is the right move for you? Besides the astounding energy savings, you’ll receive when you switch from relying on energy from PG&E to relying on energy from the sun, your home’s value will increase by an average of $25,000.

Shows a background of solar electric panels with a hand holding $100 dollar bills and a headline offer of go solar and we'll pay your electric bill*We’ll pay your electric bills regardless of the solar energy system you choose. Decide on installing our revolutionary Cool PV® panels that provide both electric energy to keep your air conditioner running and thermal energy to heat your pool. Or choose a traditional Solar Electric PV system for your home.

Besides paying for your summer electric bills, discover the Sol-Tek difference. Just check out our reputation. We stand by our work because our goal is to help our neighbors save money and reap the benefits of going solar. We’ll even help to guide you to the right financing option for your needs and budget, explaining away any confusion about the current government incentives and tax credits available.

It’s up to you to take that first step. Contact us at 559-668-0949 for a free solar evaluation.  We’re happy to answer your questions. Then let us take care of your summer electrical bill for energy savings you won’t see from any other Central Valley solar energy installer.