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Harness the Advantages of Solar Energy to Save Money

Shows a sapling growing out of a purse symbolizing the renewable savings offered when you go solar

7 Steps for Homeowners to Save Money this Spring

We all start springtime taking a birds-eye look at how we can save money. It’s all about finding ways to finance your dreams. Of course, we often recommend going solar to ensure maximum savings on electric bills. However, there are also several tactics you can try right away to experience increased savings. Let’s consider a simple method to take to trim your budget. You don’t need to be a financial wizard to follow these steps:

1. List your financial dreams
Commit to paper what you want to achieve. Is it that new car, that new pool, that vacation-of-a-lifetime, or do you simply want to pay down your debts?

2. Do a budget check-in
For some of us, constantly updating a budget doesn’t work, and a quarterly approach makes for easier planning. Look at your monthly expenditures this time last year, and list the average amount spent on your typical bills. Next, write down how much you believe you can reasonably spend on each bill. How much would you like to shave off each bill per month?

3. Make changes
Can you eliminate a monthly bill altogether? For instance, are you paying extra on your utility bills because you pay online, and you are charged an additional “service” fee to pay by credit card? Eliminate it altogether by setting a reminder to send a check out earlier in the month.

4. Advocate for lower interest rates
On revolving credit accounts (credit card bills and financing), lobby to get your interest rates reduced, saving hundreds or even thousands per year. First, check your credit score and make sure your payments were on time last year. Then, give your creditors a call. You’ll be amazed how much money you can pocket.

5. Schedule extra payments
Do you have a time of year when your income spikes? That could be the perfect time to save money on interest by paying down a credit card or mortgage payment. Payments made towards a principal payment can take years off the length of your loan, but make sure that you are not penalized for paying off your loan early.

6. Go environmental
Perhaps the easiest way to cut monthly bills is to monitor your lifestyle. Curb your driving habits to save on gas consumption, or walk or ride a bike to work. Replace, fix, and seal energy leaks in your home: from checking your insulation to installing new heating and air conditioning filters, you can make a real difference on your utility bills. Visit our article for more ways to save on electricity usage.

7. Pay it forward
Increase the value of your home by making investments that reduce your monthly utility bills, improve your lifestyle, and add equity to its value. The best investment to your home is Fresno solar. Read the advantages of solar energy in our free download, “How to Save Electricity with Solar Energy.” Then experience an improved lifestyle: Run your air conditioner all summer long, forget about running out of hot water in the shower, and double your swim season with water that is 8-12 degrees warmer.

Sure, you can make other home improvements, but you’ll cut your electrical bills by as much as 80% by going with solar electricity. And for pool owners, a solar pool heating system adds more of its cost to the resale of the value of your home over kitchen or bathroom remodels, deck additions, and roof replacements.

See what you can do with the money you save by going solar! Then contact us at Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. to make your springtime dreams come true. Request a free, no-obligation quote, including a free solar evaluation, to get started on the road to a customized, money-saving energy system for your home. It’s affordable, with many financing options available. We look forward to hearing from you. Call us at 559-325-6907.


Shows a sapling growing out of a purse symbolizing the renewable savings offered when you go solar